As if trying to navigate HR related websites isn't hard enough, Ned Wheeler was trying to log into his employer's HR website when he was greeted with this.


"I thought I could send my nullnull packages via FedEx, but apparently, I am mistaken," writes Janne.


"Alright InfraRecorder, I'll look at the log, no need to get condescending," remarks Ari Sitnik.


"Having filled in many complicated web forms, I suddenly realized that I had applied for a job which I am actually not interested in," Bill wrote, "Now, if that number is the salary..."


Jared P. writes, "This appeared while browsing a map on Some developer is going to get a good talkin' to, I reckon."


"I'd say that's pretty complete," Dave W. wrote, "UltraDefrag is nothing if not thorough."


"You know, when you think about it, offering a movie called The Time Traveler's Wife until the 41st century kind of makes sense," wrote Craig McCue.


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