"Fox's Socks, a story in which a fox loses his socks and must hunt for them," writes Dave, "Play.com thinks I may have actually been looking for something a little more ...gruesome."


Stephan Meyn wrote, "Virgin Galactic may be working hard on developing a space flight experience for its customer but according to this Virgin Australia is already in outer space."


"I noticed this while passing a local car dealership," writes Frank Dilatush, "for a moment, I thought that a Microsoft Store was opening in my area.


"I considered buying Duke Nukem Forever with add-ons now that the Steam Summer Sale has started, but on second thought, it doesn't seem to be such a great deal," remarked David G.


"This popped up on eBay this morning for every page I visited," writes Peter Gutmann, "I guess three is OK."


Chris M. asks, "What's so darn special about 9 characters?"


"I think my notice period is...Yes?" Declan wrote.


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