"I was looking up the point values for Dairy Queen in the Weight Watchers iOS app," writes Vince, "and I think that I'm going to have to pass on ordering the Banana Cream Pie Blizzard."


"Now I know how my travel agent booked me such an affordable trip" notes Devrim Gündüz, "I just hope the weather is nice at Fictitous Point [sic] this time of year."


Leo requests "if you ever happen to visit "BDG EXPORT SALES" please send me a postcard!


Henry Troup admires the amount future-proofing that the folks behind tv.msn.com put into their Index of Shows.


"Either the Chicago Transit Authority has been bitten by a date bug," writes Chris R., "or I'm part of some kind of crazy time travel experiment."





Chrome gave Matthew Willows a difficult decision to make.


"'The Avengers' was sold out, so we saw 'My Documents' instead," writes Dan L., "It was not very good."


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