"Just got a weather warning on my phone...I think I might stay indoors today," wrote Lianna.


"Amazon Prime really needs to improve it's Kids & Family selection, or maybe I really need to watch Dogtanian," Jon writes.


Doug wrote, "I just moved to a new area, man, Groupon is right. It does feel pretty big."


"I'll give you one guess who cricinfo.com's favorite cricketer is!" writes Ram.


Carl W. writes, "Isn't this helpful! Someone came up with a creative way to remind himself what his worksheet password is!"


"Depending where I look, Outlook 2013 is either telling me I have a LOT of unread mail, or very very little," writes Bruce R..


"What's that? You need some web design done?" writes Warren Brown, "Don't worry. According to GoDaddy, you're in good hands with [ERROR, Unhandled Token: {{companynames}}]"


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