We've all been watching programming gaffes come and go, and they're almost always some variation on a set of usual themes I've been trying to classify and name. But today, we've got one for you that is amazingly, excitingly, fabulously novel! I'm calling this one ecrash unless somebody's got a better idea.

Not to keep you waiting any longer than absolutely necessary, here's Ian M. with this week's winner: "I don't even know how you do search like this, it's somehow both way more complicated and way more unsettling then it needs to be."



I know. Let's take a moment of silence and pause to recover from that before rushing into something more lighthearted.


A frist submission from a Long Time Lurker leaks some medical history but that's okay. "I was pleased to see that back in the old days, a hospital visit cost $0."



An anonymous contributor shared a good way to destroy an airline's earnings in just one flight: "Take off in a Boeing 787 and land in a 737." Uh, boss, can you spot me $200 million?



While a different anonymous hobnobs with accountants or lawyers or some such: "Last year, my kids' sports club invited parents to write articles for inclusion in the end-of-year magazine. I guess nobody spotted how one submission came from a work email account."



Finally, this is either horrifying or fictional. Are we seeing Poe's Law in action? Yes we are. Jussi reports "The validation error in Office365 seems to be a bit frustrated. Same title seems to be also for other languages."



Can someone please confirm if this is real?
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