Justin Self inherited an internal build tool. Rome may not have been built in a day, but this tool was. It “simplifies” provisioning development environments, claiming machines in the environment for certain tasks, and so on.

(e.BuildStatus == null ? 
    (e.Branch == null ? "" : ($"\nBranch: <{e.BranchUrl}|{e.Branch}>")) :
    ($"\n{(e.BuildStatus == "Building" ? "Building" : e.BuildStatus == "Success" ?
    $"Built" : "Build failed")}: <{(e.BuildStatus == "Success" ? 
    e.BuildReleaseUrl : e.BuildUrl)}|{e.BuildRelease}>") + 
    $"{GetCardUrl(e.Branch)}") +
    $"\n{(e.DeployStatus == "Deploying" ? 
    "Deploying" : e.DeployStatus == "Success" ? 
    "Deployed" : "Deploy failed")}: 

Unfortunately, this ternary is one of twenty in a row. Justin writes:

I wanted to make a change to it but… after the 4th ternary, I could no longer remember what I was doing and had trouble picturing my children’s faces.

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