With your weekly dose of snark, and just one execrable pun, here follows Error'd:

A reader who asked to remain Very Anonymous sent us this suicide note for his reputation. "Somehow, lyrics.com could get the right photo (from Wikipedia, it seems) of the country singer Stonewall Jackson, but ended up with the Confederate general's bio. PS: Please don't ask or judge me as to why I was looking for the lyrics to Jesus Took The Outlaw Out Of Me." I'm sure we really don't want to know.



Philip blew up our inbox with an unusual weather forecast, explaining "When I checked windy.com if I could bring my kite, I was a little bit surprised about the animations. And then also about the wind speed. Still not sure if it's safe to bring a kite."



Ambitious Sim is thinking hard about relocation. "Job market's pretty hot in {:countryName} right now," he muses. Sim, the job market in {:countryName} is always hot!



Penultimate Kate quietly kvetched.



Finally, an anonymous monoglot muttered "Not to be a gnashgab but what sort of fustilarian saddle-goose programmer thought that new patients for this medical portal might be speaking ye olde English at home?" I don't know, but my doctor always asks about my last vowel movement.



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