It's a holiday week this week, so today is our Friday. Enjoy an Errord. - Remy

"I have to wonder what on earth posessed those parents to add that suffix to their kid's name," writes Mack C.


"For me, 'impossible' errors are the best kind of errors," wrote Tim D.


Will K. writes, "Remove all keys before shutting down? Then put them all back when you boot up? Truly unbeatable security!"


"I'm pretty proud of the fact that only myself and & percent of my fellow Americans know the state capitals," Eric wrote.


"Orbitz has a funny idea of what 'vicinity' means," writes Steve L.


Dan wrote, "Yeah, I think that we've all had one of those days."


"I was looking for open phone development positions, but I don't think that I can take a pay cut like this," writes Randy R.


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