"Dell TechDirect's password policy is a lot like their computers," writes John, "Not the greatest, not the worse...just 'ok'."


Nate W.wrote, "Well, at least their template text fails gracefully."


"A large consumer electronic chain recently began offering a new Members Club program," Christiaan R. wrote, "Unfortunately, the German owned chain, which uses 6 digit postal codes, failed to properly 'localize' their validation logic for the Dutch market which uses 4 digits and two letters."


"I wonder if this is what happens when corporate profits exceed MAXINT," George wrote.


"I promise - I will not look and (potentially) ruin a surprise," writes Florian.


"I caught this error the Australian National Maritime Musuem," Simon wrote, "I sure hope that someone can rescue this display."


Steve writes, "I guess the city of Avignon didn't have much going on from the 16th to 18th century."


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