"Move over NOAA, Google News shows us, unfortunately after the fact that The Daily Beast is the TRUEST hurricane prognosticator," Alejandro D. writes.


"Um...So, these are so my car can listen to music, wirelessly, because its mirrors are its...er...ears??" Paul writes.


Jyri B. wrote, "You know, it's really nice to see that the Eurovision people are embracing all the European languages."


"Wow! Maltese looks like a tough language to learn. Glad I don't have to know it. Thank YOU Google Translate!" Peter K. writes.


"At Gamestop, you can pre-order figurines of all your favoirte characters from MSI!" wrote Chris A.


Mikkel H. writes, "I don't want to hear about timezone issues. The only thing possible that happened here was that my FedEx package was teleported from Beijing to Anchorage and back again."


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