"I was searching on Texas Instruments' web site when I found a block diagram for an oddly-shaped tablet," writes Renan B., "I mean, Gigabit Ethernet? PCI Express? I had no idea that they could squeeze in all these features!"


Jason wrote, "I knew the Doctor was a time traveler, but it took Hulu to inform me that episodes of Doctor Who came from the future."


"I wonder if this is Comcast's way of telling me that my Internet is really, really slow," writes Kurtis.


"Adding a password is a good idea, but I'm not sure about this site's implementation," writes Mike.


"Thanks for the help, Mathematica! I know exactly what I need to fix now!" Michael E. wrote.


Jeff T. writes, "While trying to purchase a replacement filter for my fridge from my phone, I encountered this fun math at Amazon."


"Well...like it or not...looks like I'm getting email updates," Dan V. wrote.


Ben A. writes "On the bright side, after I took this screen-shot, the computer proceeded to run for the next hour with the little exclamation mark on the battery icon".


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