We are all hopeful that there might be some cause for tentative optimism regarding the eventual end of coronavirus pandemic. But horror fan Adam B. has dug up a new side effect that may upend everything.



Valts S. "While adding an API user to an IP camera I whipped out my trusty random password generator, copied, pasted, and got this message." These are depressingly common, aren't they? I need a catchy label for developers who solve their bobby-tables-troubles by content-filtering passwords. Suggestions, anyone?



UI expert Chris N. has diagnosed this little chucklemaker as "Firefox and Windows mixed DPI."



Vestaboard tire-kicker Daniel D. shares a definite WTF (it's obvious, right?) and possibly a 2WTF. "Is that a failsafe, if your country is not include in the dropdown? We will never know," he muses. Or maybe it's a double-secret nation hidden in the Apennines.

belgium, man.


It might not be as restorative as Adam's unearthed effect, earlier, but Peter G. has identified an unorthodox date ordering that might provide at least the illusion of eternal youth. This one probably "worked fine on my machine".



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