"Hilarity ensued when, during a recent political debate, the subtitles used by the Swedish state television came, not from authorized subtitlers of the debate, but rather the neighboring children's channel," Jonas writes.


"By providing the option to 'Give up', I sense they are at least being honest with me about the state of their web site," writes John Z.


"While I don't doubt that it's portable, it does seem inconvenient to have to gas up a signal generator," wrote Nathaniel M.


Alaks M. wrote, "Thanks Apple for your amazing error report. I didn't even have anything open."


"I mean, sure, music tastes vary, but come on!" writes Bruce R.


Chris M. wrote, "Well ReSharper, the test is green, but I'm not so sure if I should check it in."


Chris D. wrote, "The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics is in denial about the 100+ seminars that they just returned matching my search criteria."


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