"Good to see Santander finally embracing modern technology!" writes Sam B.


"I imagine the text could read 'Welcome user! Launch the game since you have no friends anyway and are beyond help'. Yay," writes Ruff.


Alister wrote, "Getting on the wifi with the 'network' cable was a snap but I found the range to be very limited."


"Seriously guys? WTF. They all look defined to me," B.J. wrote.


"Apparently my package had to travel back in time before it could get to me. Did I order a TARDIS by mistake?" writes Patrick.


While standing in line at customer service at Walmart, I spotted this on the customer facing screens on all of the registers at customer service. I wonder if someone wanted to buy tickets, would they be allowed?


Betsy R. writes "I once heard IBM's documentation described as sounding as if it had been translated from a foreign language by a bored high-school student. Maybe that's what happened here?"


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