Jannik worked for a company known for a line of building products . They were an international company, which meant they had to make sure their website supported multiple languages. They embedded this information into the URL, eg http://company.com/eng/orders.

They tracked the list of valid languages in an array:

/// <summary>
/// A list of supported folder names
/// </summary>
public static string[] VALID_FOLDERS = new string[] 
            "eng",   // English
            "deu",   // German
            "fra",     // French
            "jpn",    // Japanese
            "kor",    // Korean
            "dan",   // Danish
            "fin",     // Finnish
            "swe",   // Swedish
            "nor",    // Norwegian
            "dut",    // Dutch
            "spa"     // Spanish

One of Jannik’s co-workers was given a simple task- given a URL, make sure the URL contains a valid language string. His solution was to compare… “brick by brick”.

public static string GetLanguageFromUrl (string Url)
            foreach (string s in VALID_FOLDERS)
                        if (s[0] == Url[1])
                                    if (s[1] == Url[2])
                                                if (s[2] == Url[3])
                                                            return s;

            return string.Empty;
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