"If you choose not to decide which button to press, you still have made a choice," Rob H. wrote.


"If you have a large breed cat, or small dog, the name doesn't matter, it just has to get the job done," writes Bryan.


Mike R. wrote, "Thanks Dropbox. Becuase your survey can't add, I missed out on my chance to win a gift card. Way to go guys..."


"There was a magnitude 7.1 earthquake near Ridgecrest, CA on 7/5/2019 at 8:25PM PDT. I visited the USGS earthquakes page, clicked on the earthquake link, and clickedd on the 'Did you feel it?' link, because we DID feel it here in Sacramento, CA, 290 miles away," Ken M. wrote, "Based on what I'm seeing though, I think they may call it a 'bat-quake' instead."


Benjamin writes, "Apparently Verizon is trying to cast a spell on me because I used too much data."


Daniel writes, "German telekom's customer center site is making iFrames sexy again."


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