• Mark V Shaney (unregistered) in reply to dpm
    The girl better have been drop dead gorgeous and at least performed sexual favours afterwards.
    "At least"??? What more do you want, money and a parade? Hell, if she's drop-dead gorgeous and willing to perform sexual favours, I'd fix a sendmail.cf raw (without m4) and call it even.

    No, you won't because nobody can. Let me quote the Unix Haters Handbook:

    "I’m rather surprised that the author of sendmail is still walking around alive."

    "The thing that gets me is that one of the arguments that landed Robert Morris, author of “the Internet Worm” in jail was all the sysadmins’ time his prank cost. Yet the author of sendmail is still walking around free without even a U (for Unixery) branded on his forehead."

  • manwhore (unregistered)

    If that was me, Id be like ..

    "Hey, I think the problem is this loose cable down here under your desk. Now, Ill need you to hold down both the left and right control keys at the same time, that will take both hands mind you .. dont move your hands whatever happens, while I get down here and attend to this cable.

    Hmm .. there is this little button down here, thats interesting. I cant hear too well down here, so just make a little noise or two if its working for you."

    And she would be like ..

    "Yeah good .. its working, its working ... dont stop, please dont stop"

    I would say that is probably what she was hoping for when she deliberately wrote that stupid cell entry in the first place. She was just creating an opportunity for you to exploit, and you missed the signals man. Better luck next time.

  • Identified Coward (unregistered) in reply to jonnyq

    The whole point? Is that bad?

    Then who was formula?

  • Mike from Shreveport (unregistered)

    One of my favorite relatively unknown features in Excel is the camera tool. It allows you to take a snapshot of any range of cells (usually a chart or graph)and place it anywhere you like. You can resize it, too, which allows you freedom of layout. It's great for displaying a compilation of summary data all together in a "dashboard graphic." It can be very slick-looking, but it can also prevent people from messing up the actual data it's based on.


  • Mike from Shreveport (unregistered) in reply to Mike from Shreveport

    Oh yeah--and it updates in real time. That means that with conditional formatting it really can be a dashboard that lights up in warning colors, for example, when critical parameters go out of bounds. Makes problems dead easy to spot at a glance, all on one page.

  • maryscott (unregistered)

    the mobile phone is a very important. thanks.............

    mary scott

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