• Jibble (unregistered)

    April fool?

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    A breakdown of issues JJ's issues:

    • Constantly finds fault with you.
    • Has a standard but never tells you what it is, only that you're not up it.
    • Makes excuses whenever fault is found with them.
    • No actual value can be attributed to them.

    I get the impression it's common for code to run on a test server ok but fail on a production server.

    Loving the buildmaster plug. :)

  • James (unregistered)

    What the.... wait, what?

    OK it's long, but this is actually damn good and quite fun.

    Kudos on yet another awesome April-1 post!!

  • (cs)

    That was very nice and well made! Good for listening while at work wink wink.

    Oh right... April.

  • baka0815 (unregistered)

    Really good work! Please do more of those! ;-)