• mara (unregistered)

    So where's the WTF?

  • Aapje (unregistered) in reply to savar
    It's hilarious that I separately discovered that site on my own this week. I guess the anti-OOP movement is starting to take hold. TOP FTW.

    Not really, that page is years old (who uses Geocities anymore???). I know tablizer from Slashdot where he used to argue about this, but lately he seems to have mellowed out.

  • smh (unregistered) in reply to ObiWayneKenobi
    Seriously, you have no idea the number of small-time idiots I've seen that shouldn't stay in business yet do, and manage to turn a hefty profit despite cutting all kinds of corners and not even understanding WTF their business is.

    Even today, I have no idea how Microsoft stay in business.

  • (cs)

    "Tim froze for a few seconds and stared intently at an invisible point about two feet from his face"

    lol This is the best!

  • Elija (unregistered) in reply to Spectre
    "evernwhere"? How can you make a typo like this?

    Realln, realln easiln

  • Prism (unregistered) in reply to Rudy
    I'm not agreeing with everything Mr. Oopbad has to say, but in 1981 I could type as fast as I wanted and even if the computer fell behind it would eventually catch up without losing a single keystroke. Now I find myself waiting for windows to gain focus and repaint, waiting for text boxes to get an active cursor, and interrupted by annoying pop-ups. This is not now and then. This is constantly, all day.

    Even though the hardware is about a billion times faster, the software has made things slower. I spend a lot more time waiting on my computer than I used to.

    I don't know if this is part of your problem specifically, but what you describe sounds very much like "using VisualStudio" with any kind of plugins.

    If so, don't get me wrong, it is a great environment and the plugins are gotta-haves. The solution is that you have to work simultaneously from VS and another quality editor that doesn't get bogged down. I use SlickEdit.

    Assuming this might be the issue, or someone elses issue (ie, anyone with this heavy VS config), the answer is to use a fast editor for certain things, and VS for other things.

    When coding I am usually switching between them every 3-5 minutes. You have to extend the editors so that you can jump to the same line/col/file. But its a beautiful thing.

    When I am in familiar territory I can use the fast editor to compose and massage code, then I can go to VS and let the tools give me feedback on what I have done, maybe do refactoring and renamings there, inject XML comments, or get intellisense when I'm stuck.

    My 2 cents.

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