• DH (unregistered) in reply to Anon

    I think the diabolical result would have been if they really understood it that way and implemented a semaphore on the variables... but that would have been caught too quickly :P

  • (cs) in reply to CMM5

    Oh yes, because in order to "afford" an infrastructure, they need help and handouts from the better countries, such as the USA.  They sure aren't able to "afford" it on their own.  You people really don't undestand the implications of what you are saying (that the countries can't afford it because obviously they don't have enough US dollars).  And what you are implying is still quite biased  And explain this use of the word "yet"?  Aren't these countries centuries older than the USA?

    Are you aware that many of those countries hold quite a bit of US debt?

  • Yakov Fain (unregistered)

    Outsourcing is a big lie.
    Here's my opinion on the subject: http://jdj.sys-con.com/read/180348.htm

  • Bob Bob (unregistered) in reply to Anita Tinkle
    Anita Tinkle:
    It's because this is NOT Java, it's C-pound.

    It's C-sharp, you stupid moron.

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