• J. B. Rainsberger (unregistered) in reply to J. B. Rainsberger

    Classic mistake: dont pile on the guy after he's apologized. :) My bad.

  • enterprisey! (unregistered) in reply to ammoQ

    cool.  where is the scientific proof that those who spend more are better off than those who don't?  how do they define better off?

    I propose you just do what I did and use google to find a site that tells you some of the details about their "religion". I really don't feel like repeating all the stuff I read, in part because I might get the details wrong (I'm not one of them an never was) and in part because its both comprehensive and hard to believe if you don't read if from a first-hand participiant.

    fair enough.  for the record, though, we didn't any details about how much money changed hands, we only got some dude touting "free help."

    again, cults are afraid of honesty and the truth.  they manipulate.  they'll tout free help (depends on how you define free and help), but they won't have an honest, accurate, truthful discussion about how much they kick in.

    manipulators tell you only what they think will gain them advantage.  decent folks tell the truth and are not afraid of it.

    of course, they justify it.  everyone justifies themselves when they do wrong.

    i guess when the truth is told, Steve received "free help" only because he was shelling out some big dollars.  if that's how one defines free, fine.  it isn't how i define free.  that's like saying i go to the gym for free workouts...  AFTER i paid my dues.

    duh!  but that's what Steve would lead one to believe...  and he hoped nobody would call him on it.

    the truth goes knock, knock...

    Steve isn't home.
  • Erik (unregistered)

    Ahhh this is a punch card integration!

  • Allen Quirk (unregistered)

    My guess is that if you sort this by the ID column, the rest spell out something obscene.

  • (cs) in reply to Metaspace

    Intelligent people don't watch action movies.

    So, which action movies do you watch?


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