• jim (unregistered) in reply to A Ex-Tutor
    A Ex-Tutor:
    if (not_done != false)

    it actually took me a while to figure out what he tried to do..

    yeah, ok it's full of negatives but it's pretty obvious what it means. If it took you a while to figure it out maybe it's a good job that (or no wonder that) you are an ex-tutor. Sure I'd also explain to him that it could be clearer and maybe dock him a few points off of his assignment but it's not that bad.....

  • AdT (unregistered)

    In C++, it's actually not recommended to add an "operator bool() const" to a class that has valid/invalid semantics, but only a "bool operator !() const" to avoid unwanted implicit conversions. To query an object o for validity, a user then has to write "!!o" where the second application of ! is of course the built-in boolean negation, but the first one is the custom operator ! of the class. The advantage over a method like let's say "bool valid() const" is that this works with any type to which the operator ! can be applied, such as bool itself, which may be important in template code.

    ( And then they said that Haskell was confusing. :-) )

  • stilgar (unregistered) in reply to AdT

    And more symbols is more perl is more the hack is more better !

  • robably (unregistered)

    "Having just inherited a mammoth, ..."

    Please don't start sentences this way, I almost had a heart attack.

  • The Fake WTF (unregistered) in reply to Andy Goth

    I think the answer should be obvious.

    The file why.txt was generated by the previous programmer just before he lost his last tenuous grip on sanity.

    Which reminds me. If you ever see a man carrying a fire axe, walk the other way. Quickly.

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