• Rhamphoryncus (unregistered) in reply to slashdot's anonymous coward
    slashdot's anonymous coward:
    I too was initially pissed that adblock missed a banner.
    I was annoyed that thedailywtf added a new banner I had to block, but I didn't get angry until most of the article disappeared with it.
  • Ouch (unregistered)

    My brain hurts from being forced to read a banner ad. It took me a while to persuade it not to ignore all banner ads.

  • chan (unregistered)

    I have to do this.

    trwtf is, i didn't notice the ad.

  • (cs)

    I'll put my hand up too... I skipped over it too.

  • (cs) in reply to Pap
    I didn't have to read the comments to get it, but the only reason I noticed the banner at all is because there's a chick in it.

    $7500/mo you say?

    Same here.

    And up to $7500/mo? Part time? Working from home?

    Anyone not recognizing a scam here should have his/her head examined.

  • Tale (unregistered)

    I think a bigger WTF is why the hell the sole contents of the PDF file is an image.

    I reall hate all the times PDF is used when it is just not necessary. Damn Adobe for calling it Portable when it is really often less portable (and less useful) than alternatives.

  • (cs) in reply to Taz

    $7500 a month... "How to slash your income in six easy steps."

  • (cs) in reply to SomeCoder
    I had the exact same problem. My eyes automatically skip past any banner ads.

    That's neat and sad at the same time. Neat because that's cool that my brain adapted. Sad because it HAD to adapt.

    Holy HELL. I did not have ANY clue there was a banner ad there until I saw the comments about it. I am FREAKED OUT. So FREAKED OUT I'm using ALL CAPS. YES, MA, I'M SHOUTING ON THE INTERNET, LEAVE ME ALONE.

  • JoeDirt (unregistered)

    I thought the banner ad was provided as an example of what to beware of. I didn't realise it was a banner ad on the page warning about work at home scams.

  • Chris Austin (unregistered)

    How did that USPS poster ever get approved? The perspective of the tweesers to the angry man is way out. WAY out

  • Hinek (unregistered) in reply to Mark

    Man, I just overlooked it. One's this accustomed to this banners, you just ignore them even when they are part of the wtf ... :D

  • Leong (unregistered)

    Sorry, english is not my main language. What is scowl?

  • pinpo (unregistered)

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