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    I'm with the folks saying the real WTF is not the teacher: it's the school not providing her with the means to do what they were expecting of her. If they want her to be grading papers from home, they need to be furnishing her with a computer and a network connection at her home. I'm sure she would not have attempted to transport the computer home if she already had one there. I can't entirely blame the submitter for not anticipating that she'd misunderstand the instruction to work on the web application from home, but I can blame the school itself for clearly badly mangling the roll-out of this massive change to her process.

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    I mean, as a student, I frequently referred to my students as "Miss". As in, "Miss! Miss! I hafta go to the bathroom!"

  • (nodebb) in reply to sizer99

    Come to think of it, I'm surprised this didn't finish, "After 100m the network cable unceremoniously yanked the computer off my moped."

  • 🤷 (unregistered) in reply to Weirdo

    I also took German in high school, and our teacher insisted on us calling her "Frau".

    Did she insist on just being called "Frau" or did she insist on being called "Frau Müller"? Because the latter is the usual way to adress someone, the first one is just weird. We call people by their (assumed) gendered pronoun and their last name (sometimes even first name, but let's not go that deep into the rabbit hole). We never just call someone "Frau" or "Herr" without using the last name as well. And we didn't do it before WW2 or WW1 for that matter.

    If we don't know the name of someone we wish to address then we just say "Sie". As in "Entschuldigen Sie bitte" (= "Excuse me, sir/madam")

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