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    We went from invoking code in Java log messages straight to invoking code in R documentation files.

    Is anything sacred anymore?..

  • Allie C (unregistered)

    Speaking as someone whose first "programming language" was R, and was an evangelist for it for a couple of years, I'm not surprised at all. Nowadays I do everything I can to avoid R.

  • Ivan (unregistered)

    Thanks to Remy for adding just enough context. I had started by writing too much of it, then trimmed most of it before submission.

  • aalien (unregistered)

    I've been called a \Sexpr myself, and I know my way through LaTeX, if ya know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Alex (unregistered) in reply to Allie C

    I would feel the same, except that I work in financial reporting and R is still a big step up from VB sodding A...

    The Tidyverse is an enormous improvement over base R, but I still find myself hitting the proverbial tree every time I go too far off-piste. Too many subsystems that are clever enough to save you some typing 99% of the time, but not clever enough to avoid causing you days of lost productivity in that 1%. And it's new enough and abstract enough that your documentation is always in another castle. Bleh.

  • Dave (unregistered) in reply to Alex

    "R is still a big step up from VB sodding A"


    At least VBA is the best option in various common scenarios. R is undoubtedly better in other scenarios, but in those there are even better options that are neither VBA nor R.

  • IamNotABoomer (unregistered)

    I am old enough to remember the days in college (middle-to-late 80s) when the profs in the math or engineering departments would crash the printer for printing TeX with their documents. In today's worlds it was all the academics who Hollywood typically portrays as one who writes blackboards of calculus. Sure it took forever to do or reboot. Even to this day it was not a problem that a standard Philips screwdriver could fix. That poor printer still haunts me. Case askew and missing screws.

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