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    Erroring UNUSED_e time can be forgiven at frist. But erroring two times is indeed a WTF.

  • Christian (unregistered)

    In french : Vendredi Saint, aka Holy Friday.

    The 402 exists but experimental and unused ! cf https://developer.mozilla.org/fr/docs/Web/HTTP/Status/402

  • Rob (unregistered)

    "...even the French have not yet penned a pithy phrase to herald the end of our conventional working week."

    In French, you can say "Bon weekend" at the end of the week. It's similar to the English "Have a good weekend." In Japanese, you can say, "Yoi shumatsu, yo." That's all of the languages I know, and every one has a pithy phrase to mark the end of a conventional working week. Anyone know a language that DOESN'T have such a phrase?

  • mihi (unregistered)

    In German(y), at the end of a usual work day the way to say goodbye is "Schönen Feierabend" ([have a] nice evening), being replaced by "Schönes Wochenende" ([have a] nice weekend) on Friday.

    And speaking about Thunderbird:. Since version 103, when downloading emails from a POP3 server that does not support optional UIDL command, it will show "Downloading message 12 of 0" consistently. But as this is better than Thunderbird 102 which just did not download any emails instead.

  • JNA (unregistered)

    I've heard in Chinese it roughly translates to, "Should have worked harder in school; see you tomorrow." (joking)

  • Le French (unregistered)

    In French, you can use either "Bon week-end" or "Bonne fin de semaine", which means "(have a) nice weekend".

  • Sou Eu (unregistered) in reply to Rob

    In Portuguese, today is Sexta-Feira Santa (Holy Friday) instead of Bia Sexta (Good Friday, which could be wishing someone a good day on any Friday). Their expression for a good weekend is Bom final da semana.

  • Ross Presser (unregistered)

    UNUSED_e: seems like someone did s/on/UNUSED_/g for some reason...

  • Barry Margolin (github)

    I've heard newscasters start their Friday broadcasts with "Happy Friday!".

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    Thank Odin it's Freyasdag.

  • richarson (unregistered)

    In spanish (at least in Argentina) we have "Buen fin de semana" (Good weekend) to say goodbye on Fridays.

    But we also use to greet people with "Buen <day of week>" instead of "Buen dia" (Good morning).

    We even have "Buen comienzo de semana" (Good start of the week) for those pesky Mondays :)

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    In France we typically say "Bon weekend". Our Canadian cousins in Québec prefer to translate "weekend": "Bonne fin de semaine"

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    As other commenters have indicated, there are a lot of common phrases used to mark the approach of the end of the working week… this leads me to wonder if Lyle perhaps is employed under the kind of working conditions that would leave him missing out on opportunities to use or hear these phrases?

    I mean, there’s an entire restaurant chain dedicated to the concept - “Thank G*d It’s Friday”s… although I’ve just learnt via fact-checking myself that in fact they dropped the TGI prefix back in 2020, and it’s now just “Fridays”, so my point has been rather blunted!

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    The replaced "one" not "on"

  • Rolando (unregistered)

    In my country exists the "thriday" (juernes) (a mix between thursday and friday) implying you go on party on thursday. Also, we use "buen finde" (it would translate to something like "good wend") and "buen fin de semana" ("good weekend")

  • Pedant42 (unregistered) in reply to conartist6

    The text that remains is UNUSED_e; it is indeed "on" that was replaced.

  • Kell S (unregistered) in reply to Rob

    I'm quite sure there is an UNUSED_e language without such a phrase. BTW, in Danish it is "God weekend".

  • Kell S (unregistered) in reply to Rob

    I'm quite sure there is an UNUSED_e language without such a phrase. BTW, in Danish it is "God weekend".

  • alexmagnus (unregistered)
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