• bvs23bkv33 (unregistered)

    undefined anonymous is some next level of evolution

  • Rex (unregistered)

    I don't get the Petco one. This one is funny because they could have made a funny spelling error, but they didn't?

  • someone (unregistered) in reply to Rex

    The error information is not, in fact, listed below. "Dog file" is a total non sequitur as far as I can tell.

  • Foo AKA Fooo (unregistered) in reply to Rex

    It's funny because they show a message intended for developers to the end-user. I never got this, but it's quite common (Error'd has lots of these). Really, in such a case it's better to show the user a generic error message (like Benati's, though some nicer wording and design won't hurt ;) and send the actual message to the developer. In particular, increasing the log level and checking the log file is most likely not something the end-user can even do, so the message makes no sense to them.

    Greetings from Africa/Europe/Luna, undefined

  • Lil Yeller (unregistered)

    Save the rainforest! No more logging! Not even for pets!

  • (nodebb) in reply to Rex

    This one is funny because they could have made a funny spelling error, but they didn't?

    Did you read the rest of the error message, and what it tells petco's customer to do?

  • Rex (unregistered) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    Yes, but that wasn't funny, just user unfriendly error logging.

    But I guess that applies to half of the things posted here. My expectation that the errors presented here are funny in some way, must be based on incorrect assumptions.

  • Nunya (unregistered)

    Lite-On website was designed by Wacko Warner... <cue the music> "United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru, Tanzania, Bolivia, then Argentina, Honduras, El Salvador too...."

  • Talis (unregistered)

    Maybe Lite-On took over the developer of https://thedailywtf.com/articles/rectangle-marks-the-spot ?

  • Bas (unregistered)

    KubeCon allows discounts for individuals. You need to mail them to get the discount code. You're free to pay the full price for Corporate, which does not require a discount code. Not sure why this is supposed to be an error

  • Andrew (unregistered)

    "Lite-On (a LED manufacturer located in Taiwan)..."

    I know them for their optical drives.

  • Works as coded (unregistered) in reply to Rex

    The "dog file" comment was the submitter's attempt at making any possible sense of the error message. Petco is a pet store, and dogs are common pets, so a "dog file" maybe could have meant something to the customer, but turns out it wasn't even that relevant.

  • Ann on a Mouse (unregistered)

    In the US, at least, it is illegal for an employer to forbid you from talking about your salary. If your contract says you can't talk about it, then that part of the contract at the very least is invalid and you should have a lawyer read it to see what other illegal activities your employer is trying to pull.

  • The Real WTF(tm) (unregistered)

    I am:

    a) America is not a country (duh). b) Brazil does not border on the Pacific ocean.

  • Mike Rosoft (unregistered)

    No, you don't understand it. It's a CAPTCHA - you need to enter "a discount code". (Or possibly "a discount code, if any" - the real WTF is the contradictory information in the form.)

  • (nodebb) in reply to Bas

    @Bas It's paradoxical to include the words "if any" in the label for a mandatory field.

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