"When registering for KubeCon and CloudNativeCon, it's like they're saying: Pay full price? Oh no, we insist you use a discount code. No really. It's mandatory," writes Andy B.


Henry S. wrote, "I think this message should perhaps read Luxury Service Unavailable."


"At first glance, you may read the instruction to be 'check your dog file', but that is presently not the case," writes Daryl D.


Rich P. wrote, "Lite-On (a LED manufacturer located in Taiwan) seems to have given up on differentiating the countries across the Pacific..."


"Sorry glassdoor, I would be happy to leave a salary report for undefined, but my current contracts with null and NaN forbid me from doing so," writes Jeffrey King.


"You know, although my name is Bruce, my friends all call me undefined," Bruce R. wrote.


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