• P (unregistered)

    TRWTF is spending six months going through the book and coding the sample projects + a card game. It must be a very shitty textbook if it takes that long to go through a "Beginning C# book".

  • Naomi (unregistered) in reply to P

    Since the author's time was also occupied with IT gruntwork, I'm not sure that's a fair conclusion.

  • DQ (unregistered) in reply to Naomi

    And apparently he was also still in highschool and working parttime.

  • Shabble (unregistered)

    So long and thanks for all the fish

  • Alex (unregistered)

    Thanks for all your stories! You will be missed

  • (nodebb)

    Stay in touch! Who knows, you might be invited back in a few months with a pay bump of $2/hour

  • Scott (unregistered)

    Good luck on your future endeavors.

  • Prime Mover (unregistered)

    I can't see the WTF, unless it's the fact that there was a recession in 2003.

  • masonwheeler (github) in reply to Alex

    You will be missed

    Hopefully by the flying rubber bands

  • steve (unregistered)

    The ghost in the IT room with the failing RAID.

    The supervisor who recited vim command by vim command, panicked at solo work and died like Dorian Gray or Sauron on merge.

    I shared your stories with the elderly. People facing real tough times. They laughed for real.


  • (nodebb)

    My thinking when reading the passage:

    As people were let go, HR would send emails saying "Please be advised that the following people are no longer with the company." Eventually the emails stopped, not because they were done firing people, but because ...
    they laid off the person in HR who was sending the emails.
  • MiserableOldGit (unregistered)

    Best of luck for the future.

    PS. Please take Remy with you to offset the damage.

  • Leonardo Herrera (unregistered)

    I started around 2000. We managed to form a team composed of several alumni and we were as unprofessional as you mention. It was a memorable time, real fun and a lot of work. And some money, riding the tail of the dot-com era.

  • King (unregistered)

    Ah, rubber band office wars! Magnetic band covers used as lethal weapons! Those where my junior days too, only like twenty years earlier.

  • King (unregistered) in reply to King

    ...magnetic tape...

  • James (unregistered)

    I cannot read the word lady without hearing Bill Burr. Made the sentence sound a little condescending.

  • (nodebb)

    Hey, hey, what's next? Something fun and interesting I hope. Thanks for your great stuff here.

  • richarson (unregistered) in reply to masonwheeler
    Hopefully by the flying rubber bands

    Good name for a rock band: "The Flying Rubber Band"

    @Charles Robinson: Good luck and thanks for all the stories!

  • Olivier (unregistered) in reply to Nutster

    My thought too, but it would be too good to be true.

  • Not a thing that happens (unregistered)

    "a lady who DID design/documentation, and ME."

    Good use of the oxford comma!

  • Wally (unregistered)

    I have no doubt that you will encounter more WTF and you can always forward it over the Dailty WTF. As long as there are programmers, there will be incompetent programmers, hopefully a small minority.

  • 🤷 (unregistered)


  • Shut the fuck up (unregistered) in reply to P

    Shut the fuck up

  • code_goddess (unregistered)

    May your future endeavors be successful and with a minimum of WTF-ery.

  • o7 (unregistered)

    For it has fallen to our lot, that you shall go, and we shall not... As you log off, have one last call - "Fare well, and joy from one and all!"


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