• P (unregistered)

    Ryan has frist unread notifications, apparently.

  • AdamK (unregistered)

    StackOverflow is right. There is only last 7 days on the list, but 2 is grand total.

  • (nodebb)

    The Wells Fargo one looks correct to me, although the UI design is awful. You have the first email address. If you want to keep that email address you tick the box. If you don't, you fill in the other two email addresses, which must match. The bit that shouldn't match is the first and second email addresses, because if they match you should have ticked the box instead. As the message is under the second box, not the validation box, it appears to be saying that your changed email address is the same as the one you are supposedly changing from, which it doesn't allow.

  • (nodebb)

    I'm curious about the first one too. It's saying that the total rep score is 2. As the whole list of rep points assigned isn't shown it's impossible to tell from the image whether this is correct or not. There are items that gave rep score, either positive or negative, that could only be seen if you scrolled down further. There is certainly more shown than the caption implies in the first place.

  • Ejfsk (unregistered)


  • my name is missing (unregistered)

    Moderation overflow.

  • Pista (unregistered)

    -20 +5 +10 +10 DOES equal 2. After taxes.

  • (nodebb)

    The Stack Exchange rep thing happens when answers you've downvoted get deleted. It costs you 1 rep to downvote something, but you get that rep back if the post is deleted (perhaps by the answerer themselves, or perhaps by a moderator). That rep gain gets factored into the net rep change overlaid on the trophy icon (+2 in this case), but the individual events don't get listed in the "Achievements" dropdown.

    They DO get listed in the "reputation" tab in your profile, though. If Ryan R goes there (for each Stack Exchange site he's active on), he'll eventually find two instances of answers he'd previously downvoted being deleted, and him getting back +1 rep for each of them.

    (Not saying this is a sensible system - just that this is how it works.)

  • (nodebb) in reply to Cabbage

    Cabbage, your statements are true, but typically you'll see a "+1" listed when a downvoted answer is deleted. Personally I think the SE software team has deliberately written something like

     jhist = randomInteger ;     
    DeltaReputation = sum(Events[EventHistory < jhist]) ; 
  • ooOOooGa (unregistered)

    The email verification error would make sense if it was flagging the error of having the new email address being the same as the current email address.

    Though, I am not convinced that changing to the same email address should be considered an error...

  • anonymous (unregistered) in reply to ooOOooGa

    Except that in the screenshot the "new" and "verify" addresses appear to be the same and the current address is obviously different.

  • Frankenfurther (unregistered)

    Looks like we lost at least 4 month since 1626, too.

  • Ugot2BkidNme (unregistered)

    Gotta Love JavaScript and programmers not knowing to convert to Integer before adding other numbers so common yet so sad.

  • Ross Presser (google) in reply to Frankenfurther

    It's a UK style date, Frankenfurter. 18/07/1626 = 1626-07-18.

  • I dunno LOL ¯\(°_o)/¯ (unregistered)

    So how can those of us who are not in London get an Oyster card to transfer it for SO achievement points?

  • anonymous (unregistered)

    StackOverflow could be counting the positive and negative posts. In this case 3 positive and 1 negative -> 3-1=2

  • Dlareg (unregistered) in reply to Pista

    Where do you live??? I want to pay taxes there! So much tax that a net income of -5 becomes +2

  • (nodebb) in reply to Cabbage

    Rather than cancelled downvotes, wouldn't just downvoting have a similar effect?

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