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    In the development process of new products PMDG creates product pages citing the more or less current price tag for the corresponding real plane, until the product is finished and the price gets adjusted. This is at least one of the few instances where such a high price tag is intentional, not a bug, but a WTF for people unknown to PMDGs practices anyway. :-)

    (One other example: the DC-6 pages showed something like 16.000.000 US$ until it was released with 69.99 US$. Business as usual... ;-) )


  • doubting_poster (unregistered)

    That FSX addon obviously comes with an actual commercial jet to play it in. Jet fuel not included.

  • Kashim (unregistered) in reply to Nicht

    Love it when people just jam stuff into Google Translate and assume it'll come out correct. Congratulations on the first post saying "Not" when "Null" would have been a much better post, as the German word for "Zero". Even "Nullten" for Zeroth.

  • Not a pilot (unregistered) in reply to Björn

    Wait, what?

    They start out charging you for a real airplane, and then apply a "not a real airplane" discount? What happens if the checkout logic misses that?

  • nb (unregistered) in reply to Not a pilot

    "They start out charging you for a real airplane, and then apply a "not a real airplane" discount? What happens if the checkout logic misses that?"

    I don't know about you, but my credit card would burst into flames at that charge attempt.

  • Carl Witthoft (google)

    "...ignore the error message..." Yeah, that's what they WANT you to think. Actually, you got the error message because you're a helpless n00b . Real programmers won't get an error message.

  • eric bloedow (unregistered)

    oh, that "a lot of crashing" reminded me of a weird problem one of my old computers had: Windows developed a fault in the subroutine that handles improper shutdowns...so any time any program did an improper shutdown, Windows would go into an endless loop, trying to shutdown the shutdown, giving the same error over and over... you might think this is a small problem, but one of my favorite games kept triggering this fault when i told it to quit.

  • dekay (unregistered)

    German here: I think this dialect is spoken in some rural parts of Bavaria.

  • Steven Stadnicki (unregistered)

    I think my favorite bit here is the 'You have 3 characters left. Do note use HTML' on that confirmation text box. Is there any surer sign of 'we couldn't be sussed to decently validate this input'?

  • (nodebb) in reply to Steven Stadnicki

    It left me wondering what HTML you could use that would leave room for an actual reply, if you’re limited to three characters.

  • html (unregistered) in reply to Gurth

    Well, it could be "" or some other 1-letter tag. But it's still incredible, since the only acceptable input to that field is "YES". They could not validate that?

  • html (unregistered)

    Oh, my bad. I meant "<b>".

  • german (unregistered)

    The first one is obviously not German. It's an --- Advertisement ---.

  • Jeff Grigg (unregistered)

    Freakishly time-traveling Germans who were using JavaScript well over 50 years before it was created. Obviously, we have yet to recover all the advanced technologies that the Germans were using!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Grigg (unregistered)

    I accept those license terms. I'm entirely OK with those license terms.

    But I guess we still need to run them past our legal department. That's their policy!

  • a certain rat (unregistered)

    You know what I want.

    You keep denying me my heart's desire. My one true passion. What I need to live. You keep taking it away from me over and over again, dangling this website like a carrot on a stick. You keep tempting me by prompting that delete confirmation, then punishing me by clicking no.

    You're going to pay for this. Delete this website. Immediately. Or else I will not eat my broccoli.

  • Mike Hodson (google) in reply to Björn

    I'd much rather have a 747 delivered to my front door...teleported thru the intarwebs...

    Addendum 2017-01-21 02:01: a real 747

  • (nodebb) in reply to html

    Well, it could be "" or some other 1-letter tag.

    That was kind of my point: off the top of my head, every HTML tag is at least three characters long (I can’t think of any character entities of less than four characters), leaving no room for any kind of actual reply.

  • Bert (unregistered)

    Actually PMDG promises that, if you do pay the full price listed (which is halved in these final two weeks before relase), they'll bring over the license code in the real thing. And yes, they did this for the 777 and the 737 as well. Keeps freaking people out every time.

  • OCD (unregistered)

    Shouldn't 36bd5a41-416f-438c-93e0-d4dd04bf860e's son be "36bd" rather than "36db"?

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  • Allan (unregistered)

    So the 747 addon included one actual 747? ... Nice.

  • Axel (unregistered) in reply to Björn

    That explains my response: "Wait, that looks like the price for the real plane! WTF?"

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