"I can't read German, but that doesn't look like glowing praise," writes Bruno G.


TC wrote, "This is a thank-you email from Oracle after signing up to their forum. Personally I usually go by just 36db for short. 36bd5a41-416f-438c-93e0-d4dd04bf860e is my father's name!"


"I've heard FSX addons are expensive, but I'll pass on this one anyway," writes Stephan.


"This Windows Embedded installation is provided with the best license I have ever found on a software package. Forget about Linux, this is freedom!" Arrigo M. wrote.


Finlay writes, "You know, I appreciate how Xcode likes provide extra technical information in the small print."


"Yeah...whole lotta crashing going on here. Time to go read a book and let my computer think about what it's done," wrote Frankie.


Will H. writes, "You know, if they know there is going to be an error, why not FIX IT instead of warning me?!"


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