• NULLPTR (unregistered)

    #define 1 0

  • negative infinity (unregistered)

    #define nullptr (1-(86/(int64_t)nullptr))

  • NULLPTR (unregistered) in reply to negative infinity

    that throws a divide by zero error if nullptr initializes as zero

  • (nodebb)

    Some countries use a comma as a decimal separator. Then the "15,000" effectively can be viewed as "15.000" which just seems to be a formatting issue ("15 minutes" seems far less WTF'y). Unless the burger joint wants us to start making more healthy eating choices; in that case, I commend them!

  • The Slice (unregistered)

    Does... does the 'null' album contain a picture of a Stargate?

  • sizer99 (google)

    0 out of 3 is typical for Dell Updater, so it's green because it's business as usual. What a piece of trash, even worse than HP's garbage. And of course they're full of security holes - most recently for Dell, "The flaw, which is considered “high-severity,” enables hackers to replace harmless DLL files loaded during PC-doctor Toolbox diagnostic scans with DLLs containing a malicious payload. "

  • LO!DANGERAHEAD! (unregistered)

    Nigel! Beware! Do not believe what this microsofted something wrote- and never click onto "safety" button.... (I am no English native speaker... what is a geinsider? A soft drink or a Japanese girl?)

  • Bill (unregistered)

    Nigel, This URL might look like Microsoft- but it isn't. Phishing . Nigel doubt.

  • Nikolas (unregistered) in reply to Bill

    That website is legit, it is linked, for example, from this page https://blogs.windows.com/msedgedev/2019/04/08/microsoft-edge-preview-channel-details/#C1TDHEJOY2wXAbLE.97 Of the official windows blog

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