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    Maybe the readers can figure it out.

    Here, I'm a reader, I'll figure it out.

    The 6:03 is predicted to arrive two minutes late, at 6:57 instead of 6:55.

    The 7:02 is predicted to depart three minutes late, at 7:05 instead of 7:02. 6:57 to 7:05 is seven minutes, which is the predicted wait. So far, so good.

    The 7:11 is not showing either a delay or advance, so we have to think that it will depart at 7:11, six minutes after the 7:02 is predicted to depart. That still doesn't explain why the 7:11 shows a 12 minute wait. It should in theory be 14 minutes, but at least 7+6 versus 14 is only a one minute discrepancy, and it's close enough that I'd be willing to accept "rounding errors" as an explanation.

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    What web site is the languages image from? I've seen at least one web site that included C++ in the list of languages you can be fluent in. Whether or not that joke is a WTF is a matter of opinion.

  • Bob (unregistered)

    Step 3: buy a lottery ticket Step 1: read the lottery winning numbers in the newspapers Step 2: build a time machine

  • Eric (unregistered) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    That's how I read it too... not overly complicated, though I suppose it could be made clearer.

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    The phone says it's 6:24, so the only thing we know for certain is the Ronkonkoma train is scheduled to arrive in Jamaica at 6:55 but expected to arrive 2 minutes late. The 7:02, 7:11, and 7:38 trains list departure time, but sometimes these trains pull in early, especially if they originate in Jamaica. If the 6:03 is scheduled to pull into Jamaica at 6:55, the 7:02 is indeed a 7 minute wait, if that train pulls in for a brief stop to load/unload passengers. Likewise, if the 7:11 is scheduled to pull into Jamaica at 7:07 (which is both reasonable and not a time statistic that the railroad generally lists anywhere but the big paper schedule) it would only be a 12 minute [scheduled] wait for you to be able to get on the train. If it then departs at 7:11, the 4 minutes you have to wait for departure is the LIRR's gift to you for spending $400 per month to ride their trains.

    But TRWTF is the LIRR. Pretty sure Daniel will back me up on that.

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    6:57 to 7:05 is seven minutes

    I make it 8 minutes, but I work on British Imperial time which has 60 minutes in the hour.

    we have to think that it will depart at 7:11, six minutes after the 7:02 is predicted to depart.

    7:05 to 7:11 is seven minutes.

    I'm going to accept Bananafish's explanation as more plausible.

  • Daniel (unregistered)

    FWIW the big paper schedule has the train to Woodside pulling in to Jamaica at 7:10 and departing 7:11. App time math aside, the LIRR has gotten quite a bit better recently; Ronkonkoma to Penn used to be 1:35 or so; now it is regularly 1:20-1:25, with twice the frequency (well, some not to Penn but same difference). TRWTF is the current state of the Q70 stop at Woodside, and the lack of a better connection to LGA.

  • David B (unregistered)

    I got 2 this week! I'm stoked. The ask about where is the language was found - an Online Dating Site - OkCupid to be exact. As I was scrolling along I found C++, Lisp, and Fortran. But I couldn't screenshot all 3 at one go, so I picked my favorite language as the WTF.

  • (nodebb) in reply to David B

    If I were still on the dating scene, I'd definitely like to meet someone who has all of C++, Lisp, and Fortran as language preferences. The 3 of them. That shows character development.

  • Nick (unregistered) in reply to Ralf

    That shows character development? No, it shows software development :-p

    If I saw “Lisp” as a language on a dating site, I’d assume it was because the person was fluent in understanding Sylvester the cat… or possibly strange uncle Thteve…

  • (nodebb) in reply to David B

    Yeah, that was the web site I was thinking of. I think it's been there since they started the site, something like 10-15 years ago. The site was started by a couple of geeks, so it was meant to be funny (though also a good way to find the rare female programmer on the site). Definitely not a front page worthy WTF.

  • LZ79LRU (unregistered) in reply to Dragnslcr

    That is definitively clever. Also, if any young females looking for a mate are reading I am in fact fluent in C, C++, C#, Java and several other languages.

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