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    Peter W.'s problem is that, in fact, neither of them is correct. It should be (as implied by the article title) pay cheque. Or paycheque. Depending.

  • Jaloopa (unregistered) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    Except that in places that spell it cheque we tend to have moved on and don't actually get paid via a piece of paper we have to take to a bank

  • Sam (unregistered)

    The driving time is listed as 59 minutes, with the journey time extended by 1h 2min due to traffic. Which implies that without traffic, the driving time is -3 minutes.

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    Can readers explain?

    I think the problem is that the fastest route by car is only 59 minutes including 1 hour and 2 minutes of delays caused by traffic congestion. So that means without traffic, it must take only -3 minutes.

    Addendum 2024-04-12 07:36: The other WTF is that it takes nearly an hour to travel less than two miles by car.

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    It should be (as implied by the article title) pay cheque. Or paycheque. Depending.

    In my copy of MS Word in British English, pay check is flagged with the same grammatical error as the article. Paycheck is flagged with the same spelling mistake and incorrect (in British English) suggestion. Pay cheque is flagged with a different grammatical error: it expects a full stop after "cheque" and paycheque is not flagged as being in error.

    In this text box in Safari, nothing is flagged as being in error except "paycheck" and the suggestion given is the correct British English spelling "paycheque".

  • Gavin (unregistered)

    A pay check is a check that you got your paycheque.

  • (nodebb) in reply to jeremypnet

    Your other WTF isn't really a WTF, that's just how bad traffic was. It's an area that was in the path of totality and that a lot of people from nearby areas often go for vacations, so the number of visitors was particularly high.

  • Anonymous') OR 1=1; DROP TABLE wtf; -- (unregistered) in reply to Dragnslcr

    And it was made even worse by the fact that I-93 in Franconia Notch is the only part of the US Interstate system that drops down to a single lane in both directions, creating a massive choke point when it comes down from two lanes.

  • Darren (unregistered)

    Daniel' submissions illustrates that you should provide some context and description of what the WTF actually is when you make a submission. Just because you know what it is you're looking at and why it's a WTF doesn't mean that anyone else does.

  • Jaloopa (unregistered)

    The google maps thing happens because the added time for a traffic jam is updated a lot less frequently than the time remaining, so is likely to still be showing the total amount of time added to the full journey after being sat in the queue for some time. So the whole journey is going to take you an hour and two minutes longer than it would if the road was clear and you will arrive at your destination in 59 minutes

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    How do you reproduce Peter W.'s Error'd? I don't get a grammar error for either version.

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    I think the WTF is needing an hour (give or take a minute or two) to drive less than 2 miles!

  • Daniel (unregistered)

    Yeah that is correct, the WTF was the implied -3 minutes of traffic-free travel (though TRWTF was taking 93 back rather than 16)

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    Indeed. We don't even get paid by the employer sending cheques to the bank by snail mail. (Yes, that happened at one of my employers - a tech firm, no less - in the late 1990s. In terms of trusting bank transfer protocols, they were a bit behind the times.)

  • FranconiaNotchInNewHampshire (unregistered)

    If you're not familiar with that particular stretch of interstate I-93 in New Hampshire, (northeastern United States) I am not at all surprised to see it come up. That stretch of highway is a single lane road in each direction that is bounded by many side stops for tourists, sight seers and hikers. The surrounding land is federal and state forests and a mountain pass known as Franconia Notch. Lots of opportunity for a traffic jam especially during the peak summer seasons. The site stops are frequent and a major attraction. Among the stops are viewing area where you can see what remains of New Hampshire's famous Old Man of the Mountain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Man_of_the_Mountain

  • markm (unregistered) in reply to Jaloopa

    We don't normally get paper paychecks in the USA either. IIRC, when I enlisted in the US Air Force in 1978, the first two monthly checks were paper (during boot camp), but when I arrived at a base for 6 months of advanced training, they suggested I get a bank account and have my pay directly deposited in it. Since then, I've had some temporary jobs at small companies that paid by check rather than do the paperwork for direct deposit when there would be only one or two paydays, but everything else was direct deposit - not just the two jobs with smallish companies that lasted nearly two decades each, but even a temporary job with the US Census, and most of my consulting gigs. These days, even tiny companies prefer direct deposit if there's going to be more than one paycheck.

    However, as far as I know a paper paycheck is always an option. I've had a bank account every since I was ten, but not all adults have one. My grandparents generation experienced widespread bank failures before there was government or any other insurance on accounts, and many never trusted a bank again. Many immigrants come from cultures where banks didn't serve poor people. And finally, too many American public schools fail at teaching math and don't even try to teach how to manage a bank account.

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    In terms of trusting bank transfer protocols, they were a bit behind the times.

    I dunno, I still don't trust said protocols. Why does it take 4 to 6 days end-to-end for an ACH payment from my payche[ck|que] account to finally end up in my credit card account and up my available limits, when it is presumably all automated (and initiated from the credit card account's bank, to boot)? I mean, I understand that everything must be carefully checked (heh heh) at either end and likely at multiple stages, but it is still all done by computers, isn't it? Do the bank computers involved work standard bankers' hours or something?

  • (author) in reply to The Beast in Black

    qui bono?

  • (author) in reply to Lyle Seaman

    or in other words, follow the money.

  • Officer Johnny Holzkopf (unregistered) in reply to Lyle Seaman

    Che que?

  • (nodebb) in reply to The Beast in Black

    4 to 6 days?? Whelp her it is 20 seconds max! Switching apps on your phone takes longer. But then I am Dutch so next to the Danes the most digitized people in the world. I have to teach my students to prepare / children for offline time if we venture abroad (even Germany)

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    qui bono?

    Bono est cantor pro U2 B-)

    or in other words, follow the money.

    Well, that would be from my bank account to my credit card account :-P

    ...but jokes aside, yes, I get what you're saying - someone is benefiting from the delay and the micro-interest earned thereof (and I don't think it's the guys from Office Space)...

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    I envy you your quick ACH transactions and generally un-f'd politics, economy, and healthcare systems :-(

    It's not just credit card payments - my IRS income-tax refund has also been sitting in my bank's ACH queue since last week, and my bank has been telling me that it will post to my account on Wednesday BUT if I am willing to give them the small sum of USD20, they'll stop holding it hostage and post it to my account immediately. Welcome to the most broken first-world country, whose national anthem should be Bob Dylan's "Everything Is Broken"...

  • Chris (unregistered)

    The Verizon badges thing… were the badges perhaps introduced around the time this person got them? That seems like a slow automated process adding them to all users, starting with the rare ones and ending at the common 2-year one.

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    qui bono? Bono est cantor pro U2

    My kingdom for a like button. This was very funny.

  • markm (unregistered) in reply to The Beast in Black

    What is the actual date of the payment? Is it next Wednesday? Social Security informs my credit union of the coming direct deposit several days ahead, and every if I log in to my checking account in that time period, the credit union asks if I want an advance on that money. It also offered an advance on the IRS refund. These would be short term loans, and I don't expect that for free.

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