There are an infinite variety of ways to be wrong, but only very small number of ways to be right.

Patient Peter W. discovers that MS Word is of two minds about English usage. "Microsoft Word just can't seem to agree with itself on how to spell paycheck/pay check." Faithful readers know it's even worse than that.



Slow Daniel confused me with this complaint. He writes "It seems that the eclipse has reversed the flow of time for the traffic-free travel time." I don't get it. Can readers explain? The only WTF I see here is how much faster it is to walk than to drive 2 miles. Franconia isn't Conway!



Parsimonious Adam found a surprise discount. "This album was initially listed as pay-what-you-want. I tried to pay $4 for it, but the price changed to a minimum of $5 before I was able to check out, and checkout rightfully failed. My shopping cart then reverted to saying this." I want to know what happened next.



Some of you dislike it when I thaw a thematic item from the deep freeze, so please note that B.J. sent us this sometime last year, noting that "Time works in mysterious ways for some companies. I earned a Verizon community 2 Year badge 36 hours after earning a 4 Year badge." I did consider saving it until July 26 this year but I'm just not that patient.



By comparison, I only had to drag this entry from the far back bottom corner of February's fridge.
I imagine chill Paul intoning with his radio voice "This next saturday is going to be all ice ice baby."



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