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    We had a trip last week from someone just touching the neutral while standing on a wood floor and not in contact with anything else. They shouldn't have been playing with a socket in the first place but when I gave it a prod with a meter the neutral is sitting about 50V above ground, don't think that's quite right..

    Uh, yeah, definitely not right. They were lucky the GFI was doing its job.

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    Where are the SJWs demanding sexual equality when you need them....

    Maybe they're on vacation (now that you mention it, I haven't seen @buddy post in a while)? Also, I think it's the middle of the night where flabdablet is located.

    Actually, wait, I think I see something...

    Are you all living under a rock? The AC is a tool of the patriarchy to oppress women in the office /sarcasm Article from Jezebel about sexist air conditioning

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    Reminds me of being in university in the early 90s. I was excited because the campus was getting an "Internet Connection.". Seems there were some configuration issues - as soon as they turned it on, all internet connections in Houston went down.

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    the female response is faster and harder

    :giggity: Did it really take four days

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    TRRWTF is the fact that a space heater can overload the entire building's circuit!
    According to [Quantum Leap][1] a hair dryer can overload the entire country's circuit!
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    Now everybody knows I am a Radio 4 Listener.
    As an American, I can guarantee that I have no idea what that implies exactly. Nor do I care.
    That's a shame; if you had cared, you would be sorry you hadn't a clue.
    do your dials like just literally say "1, 2, 3, 4"?
    I once saw an antique radio whose dial only allowed you to select one of the three stations that would have existed at the time, "Home", "Light" and "Third". "Home" was the one that was renamed "BBC Radio 4".
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    3-phase is at least 208V, peak-to-peak. It could be industrial standard of 600V. You do not feel that kind of power; you cook too fast.

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