• Foobar (unregistered)

    First!! And first article ad(like south park)

  • Herr Otto Flick (unregistered)

    It really winds me up when I look at a document and there is a footprint on it, so zero footprint document viewing sounds like too good to be true!

  • Ross (unregistered)

    It gives me enormous pleasure to say that I didn't finish reading the "article" once I realized it was merely another shill.

  • Haxton (unregistered)

    It has "Sponsor Announcement" in the title. Did you really just go out of your way to comment under an ad, one that has an information it's an ad right at the top, to complain that it's an ad?

  • (nodebb) in reply to Haxton

    It's not inconceivable that Ross thought it was an article taking the piss out of some kind of Sponsor Announcement. And didn't appreciate the relevance of the Purple bar. And didn't notice the category "Announcements" lodged in said bar. Unlikely, I grant you. But not inconceivable.

  • Al (unregistered)

    Hey now. That ad was AT LEAST as entertaining as any of the Hanzo sagas. And shorter!

    But seriously, I actually appreciate ads that describe a product and its features in practical terms that I actually care about instead of using piles of marketing speak and empty C-level officer focused mumbo-jumbo.

  • Trailmax (unregistered)

    Software from Lexmark on WTF site? The right place to advertise!

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