• Dlareg (unregistered)

    So English (Pakistan) is probably used for the MS Helpdesk. Atleast that is how they often sound.

  • scragar (unregistered)

    That last one isn't really a problem, even though it's type is number you can still type the gift card number, the number input however just makes it much easier to restrict the user to typing only digits.

    Prior to HTML5 making type="number" a thing we had to use nasty javascript to validate it that'd often cause more problems than they solve(thinking of my bank from the early 2000s where after the first 4 digits any time I typed another digit I'd have to hit end to reset the cursor position or it'd break the formatting because of their horrible JS).

  • (nodebb)

    Re: Platform 0.

    Lille (northern France) has two main stations in the centre of the city, Gare de Lille Europe and Gare de Lille Flandres.

    Lille Europe has it's own platform numbering oddities - there are four platforms, numbered 42, 43, 44, and 45 - but Lille Flandres is ... amusing.

    They missed an opportunity - there are sixteen platforms, numbered from 0, but sadly, the six highest-numbered ones are not 0Ah to 0Fh, nor $A to $F, nor 0xA to 0xF, nor even A to F. They rather boringly stuck to plebeian convention and numbered them 10 to 15.

  • Ruther Rendommeleigh (unregistered)

    I remember a small-ish train station in Germany that had a weird preference for the numbers 1 and 4. If I recall correctly, the platforms were numbered 1, 4, 14, 104 an 114.

  • Little Bobby Tables (unregistered)

    Surely after the train has left the station (as appears to be the case in this context), the platform is no longer relevant, and so "Platform Null" is entirely appropriate?

  • Spratley Bagweed (unregistered)

    I like how an analogue film strip is part of the "Digital Cinema" logo...

  • Chris L (unregistered)

    "Robot bear" is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

  • Steve (unregistered) in reply to scragar

    So javascript has to display the sequence up/down arrows on any number field even when they make no sense? That makes no sense.

  • Steve (unregistered) in reply to Steve

    Sigh, "javascript -> "html5".

  • (nodebb)

    Googling the "robot bear" phrase turns up some examples of anti-spam logic in PRP. The "honeypot" is a form field named "email-address-new"; from context, I gather that it's intended to be rendered off to the side in Flyspeck 3 in white text, on the assumption that only spambots will ever find it and enter any text into it. Maybe the user tabbed through it or clicked on it by accident, or it was filled in by a username/password cache system.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Steve

    @Steve It doesn't have to. The HTML5 spec says, "This specification does not define what user interface user agents are to use; user agent vendors are encouraged to consider what would best serve their users' needs. "

    However, it also says that application designers shouldn't use type=number for values that happen to contain numeric data, but aren't really numbers, such as credit card numbers. It even says "A simple way of determining whether to use type=number is to consider whether it would make sense for the input control to have a spinbox interface (e.g., with "up" and "down" arrows)."

    But that equivalence breaks down when you're dealing with some numbers. I just used type=number for a money field, with step=.01. So the arrows increment and decrement by pennies, so they're not really very convenient for changing the value by many dollars.

  • Ergin S (unregistered)

    I understand your specific scenario but in this case the number is not something like 'quantity', or 'days till next order' where up/down buttons make sense, it is a 14 digit account number (no spaces).

    Surely there is a JavaScript library that would allow the user to enter 14 numeric digits with or without spaces which does not have the up/down arrows. My colleagues said that if I wait a little while someone will create a framework that does exactly what I want :)

  • (nodebb) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    Leeds (in he UK) used to have a Platform W. They got boring and renumbered it to Platform 1 when they remodelled the station.

  • (nodebb)

    Regarding the Digital Cinemas: Either I am missing something, or Ergin clicked the spinbox up-arrow 64 times before realizing that there has to be a better way.

    Ah, I understand. Browsers allow you to keep the arrow pressed and spin the numbers faster and faster. Yeah, that is certainly better. You will reach your 14 digit number soon.

    P.S. For some tags like the "p" tag, one can omit the ending "/p" tag. The "sarcasm" tag is a tag with the opposite rule: the beginning tag is optional.

  • (nodebb) in reply to scragar

    Input fields should never be helpful and let the user just type what is allowed in such manner. A woman in Norway lost several thousands NOK when she should send moneay to her daughter and double typed a digit when input the account number of the receiver's account. The helpful input field restricted the number of digits to 11 so the last digit was just discarded. However, the input number was a correct one, so the money was received by another person, who was quick to spend it. (I myself for the same reason sent 3000 NOK (about 350 $) to the wrong receiver, I got 2600 of it back, though.) An extra digit in the account number will never be a valid account.

  • (nodebb) in reply to DrOptableUser

    What is it about movie theaters? The other day I downloaded AMC's app and when I went to register, the birthday input was a calendar field that you had to scroll through month by month. It was fun having to hit the previous month button 531 times on my phone

  • James (unregistered)

    Is this some sort of "in joke" that I don't get, the inability to correctly format the bold sections between posts?

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