• anon (unregistered)

    Just curious but why did you decide to go with an in house solution? What was discourse not providing?

  • a guest (unregistered)

    Discourse requires its users to leverage their browser security by enforcing JavaScript which is a bad idea.

  • JM (unregistered)

    Sweet. That explains the high level of WTF I had when browsing through the old articles. It was a good exercise in reading HTML :-)

  • Otto (unregistered)

    I really like the new big banner ads which confuse me on every page! :)

  • Ex-lurker (unregistered)

    Thank the heavens you finally got rid of Discourse. I thought we'd have to suffer through it forever and had resigned myself to never post any comments anymore.

    I can see a few things to correct here and there, and a couple kinks to work out but there's simply no way this isn't a step in the right direction.

    Plus it feels really lightweight indeed and I don't even need to enable JS. Thanks TDWTF folks!

  • st33med (unregistered)

    Well I am very glad. For once I don't have to click a link to a Discourse forum to view more than 17 comments.

  • Nicholas "LB" Braden (github)

    Not sure what username and password to log in with, so I'm trying the GitHub integration.

  • (nodebb) in reply to anon

    What was discourse not providing?

    You mean like more content for our beloved site straight from the source? Or a development team that believes all it does is always in your best interest, regardless of what you say? Or support that says, "no, you find more bugs then anyone, you must be wrong."

    I'm happy the discord will be returned to just our personal interactions rather than our interaction with the forum software.

  • Loooong time lurker (unregistered)

    Good job cat-cupcake-QR-code man. May the new forum be less jellypotato than the old one.

  • RichP (unregistered)

    TDWTF with a fully-functioning comments system? That will take some getting used to, and I'm still amazed that the backspace key now works consistently.

  • some1 (unregistered) in reply to Otto

    One of the banner ads has a typo, if anyone cares... green button on the right side of http://thedailywtf.com/fblast/530917578e16428085d1b2e675e6826b says "Infrastsructure as Code?"

  • Herr Otto Flick (unregistered)

    So basically, we've gone back to what we had ages ago, when there was actually lots of comments and banter on the site. Hurrah.

    /me waits for the real Nagesh to show up

  • David (unregistered)

    Congratulations with the new forums, I think it will improve the participation of the readers.

    Please post all the WTFs from the old version of the website for our amusement.

  • (nodebb) in reply to anon

    Darling Discourse was a self-righteous (censored) that would get on its high horse about posting style. No, Discourse, it isn't appropriate to make one reply containing marginally related responses to several other posts.

    And it didn't know how to scroll properly, nor how to respond to the Home and End keys, and it couldn't count in the early days. Its untagged mark-up language (no, guys, a word surrounded by asterisks is me drawing attention to it, not an instruction to make it italic (Just tried the same thing, let's see what it did...)) is a real no-no in my opinion.

    Ho hum.

  • (nodebb)

    However, the new system has its share of WTFs.

    It still uses the (censored) MarkDown (is that what you call it) notation about asterisks.

    It won't tell me I'm logged in.

    It demands that I enter a name in the box below "or post as guest", but because I'm secretly logged in, it doesn't show anyone that I'm posting this message as "Neeblefribbler".

    The "I'm not a robot" checkbox doesn't work properly.

    And that's just the beginning.

  • frist (unregistered)

    Cool, now I can get back to impersonating Frist again :)

  • I_am_the_guest (unregistered)

    when did this happen and where is Nagesh?

  • David (unregistered) in reply to anon

    Q. "What was discourse not providing" A. A sane UI/threaded conversation.

    As a side note, I guess we all need to sign up again as my old username has underscores and that results in the new login page throwing a wobbly fit.

    Im going to be a user now and give you the most helpful description of a problem : it says something went wrong.

  • Wonko_The_Sane (unregistered) in reply to David

    Now that we have a slightly more sane commenting system again can I be the first to ask if anyone has tried this new SwampSearch software - what do you think of it?

    I think its the future of desktop search! :)

  • Wonko_The_Sane (unregistered)

    One last thing... What if I AM a robot?


  • Eion Robb (google)

    The new site works a lot better on mobile. Thanks for getting rid of Discourse which would only barely function on my phone

  • Yazeran (unregistered)

    Well good to see diso-curse gone, but does that actually mean that we will be able to write 'Belgium' without punishment? :-)

    (Ok, the login system is broken, but I'll get over that for a while at least....)


    Plan: To go to Mars one day with a hammer.

  • Yazeran (unregistered)

    Yay, we actually are, let the flames begin ;-)

    Who brings the pitchforks and the torches???

  • Ex-lurker (unregistered) in reply to Herr Otto Flick

    "/me waits for the real Nagesh to show up"

    Real Nagesh notwithstanding, I'm waiting for T0pcod3r's triumphant return!

  • t0pC0der (unregistered)

    Fantastic, now I can post again. Discord was a hot mess

  • Worf (unregistered)

    Yay, guest posting is back! Or rather, I never wanted to create a discourse account when I had a nice TDWTF account...

  • tharpa (unregistered) in reply to Ex-lurker

    Illegal arguments: string, object when I try to log in.

  • Josh (unregistered) in reply to JM

    Do the reply buttons actually work? I clicked on one of them and...nothing.

  • Josh (unregistered) in reply to Josh

    Oh, it looks like it sets a hidden field but doesn't actually scroll the user down or pop up or anything. So click button, then scroll yourself to type.

  • trailmax (unregistered)

    I don't see enough WTF in the source code - not in the spirit of this site!

    And good on ditching Discourse - no more insane forum UI has been ever created.

  • PWolff (unregistered)

    Next bug request:

    Login with e-mail address john.doe@example.com should fail with the message

    User john-doe-example-com does not exist

  • Nebbian (unregistered)

    Thank the heavens that Discourse is gone! I'm all for Jeff Atwood, he writes really well on his blog, and I wish him all the best with his project. But man alive he bit off more than he could chew with Discourse. I never bothered posting when it was implemented here. Good riddance.

  • Nebbian (unregistered)

    btw: When is there going to be an article on the front page about the disastrous forum software that didn't work? Seems appropriate to me.

  • (nodebb)

    Yeah, that's interesting. How to log out of comments (besides opening a new InPrivate/Incognito session)? No idea. PRs accepted right? Someone trigger @blakeyrat and donate your time and effort to helping fix bugs!

  • a guest (unregistered)

    Glad to see Discourse go. It was... opinionated. Which I'm sure is good if you share their opinions, but duck fat, I was not a fan. Probably (probably) good for dedicated discussion forums. Not so good for comments on TDWTF articles.

  • foxyshadis (unregistered)

    The first day the fawning comments roll in... live it up, devs, because this is the last time you'll get any compliments, and the hate train is going to be rolling over you soon enough. This is a truly shitty comment platform that does the absolute minimum anyone could ever want it to do in the ugliest possible way; might as well be a Geocities guestbook from 1997. Where's the blinking under construction sign and hard hat guy? Let's throw out the well-developed system and have our junior intern make a new one, so we can get back to that good ol' Community Server feel, that really makes you FEEL the WTFs.

    Hey, at least you fixed the robot test so people can actually post.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Herr Otto Flick

    "/me waits for the real Nagesh to show up" Nah, I'm waiting for Swampy so we can have a two thousand post discussion of how {awesome|insane} his code is.

  • chris (unregistered)

    Best thing to happen to this site since the old forum software was removed. This will probably make people want to start posting again instead of just a few users having meta-discussions about errors on how the topic was unlisted. Excellent!

  • JustSomeDudette (unregistered)

    Yay! I can comment again. I love the fact there's posts about waiting for Nagesh's return and not a single one about missing Paula.

  • akozakie (unregistered)

    Wow. That's probably the first time ever I see on any site (except maybe some heavily moderated ones with a "we cannot be wrong" mindset) a "we redesigned something" post with NO "bring back X!!1!11!oneONE" comments. Almost all positive, sometimes pointing out real shortcomings, which is expected and wanted feedback.

    Speaks volumes about Discourse, I guess...

  • Mike (unregistered)

    Yay, we all have a voice again :)

  • (nodebb)

    So, just wondering....

    Why does the "Feature Articles" drop-down at the top not show the most recent 2 articles? Why does selecting "Feature Articles" as a link not take me to the most recent article?

  • ROU (unregistered)

    Good riddance... mancaziash

  • (nodebb)

    The main complaint I have is the change of font for article titles on the front page. Which is actually pretty awesome (despite me really not liking that font) because it means that it's all virtually correct.

  • (nodebb)

    I like the new look, but the "threading" is a bit weird. We have to reload the page and find the anchor, then "go back" to get to the next comment and do it all over again. It's not "threading" as such. But it is, no doubt, better than Discourse. Uh..... Mebbe a little JS to pop up the reply thread in a little window? Nothing crazy like embedded viewers á la slideshow inset, but even a separate pop-up with the replies to that comment would be really nice.

    Otherwise, very nice UI. Great layout, excellent readability, and the most straight-forward site I've seen in years. Kudos!!

  • Ross (unregistered) in reply to dkf

    Not one single one of the "Reply" buttons does a damn thing in my copy of Edge.

  • Ross (unregistered) in reply to Ross

    OK, apparently it adds "in reply to" when I finally post -- but there's no indication of that until the post is done.

  • joh (unregistered) in reply to Ross

    Well, it does something like this:

    <button onclick="document.getElementById('comment-parent').value = 463606">Reply</button>

    So it silently sets a hidden field in the comment form. Not a big wtf, but still...

  • joh (unregistered) in reply to joh

    The bigger wtf is that when you click on an "in reply to ..." link that post then ends up being partially hidden by the title banner, so you have to scroll up to actually see the start of that post. Made me think the links were off by one at first.

  • (nodebb)

    I am back!

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