You might have noticed some updates to the site, although if we did our job right you won’t notice half of them.

What’s New?

We are saying goodbye to Discourse, our old forum and comments system. In its place reintroducing an in-house built system, thanks to the hard work of our newest team member Ben Lubar.

Now you don’t have to be a member of the forums to leave a comment on the main site. Plus you can login and comment through several third parties, like Facebook, Google and GitHub.

What’s New(ish)

A few years ago we redesigned our site. We loved the look, but it wasn’t built as efficiently as we would have liked. So we rebuilt a more lightweight version that should work and look almost exactly the same.

It’s not exactly the same, and I’m sure there will be some issues here and there, but now it will be much simpler to correct them. Everything is up on GitHub, so if have any problems or ideas for improvements, post an issue, submit a pull request, post something in this article's discussion, or contact us.

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