• Frist (unregistered)

    This is not the frist you're looking for!

  • OTemporaOMores (unregistered)

    Yes, Anatoly, I believe you would. However, Antoly, did it occur to you, that such an remark might be degrading and objectifying women?

  • LCrawford (unregistered)

    So Logitech makes braille keyboards!

  • MiserableOldGit (unregistered)

    The first one is listing security hints that are now considered poor practice as it is trivial to find those pieces of data with very little other information about a target.

    I'm guessing their legacy customers in their database may have used the traditional "mother's maiden name" hints and so they've not fully purged them. It is sloppy though, any fule could have filtered that screen.

  • (nodebb)

    But that middle picture surely has an underwire on each side, so calling it "wireless" is hardly correct.

    And of course the first one shows the stupidity of "typical" security questions, if we wish to be literalistically truthful when providing the answers:

    • I actually was born in a city, but plenty of people are born in mere towns or even villages. Or ships. Or, more rarely, aircraft, ambulances, and so on.
    • I don't remember the name of my first school. That was 45 years ago ffs.
    • I don't really have a favourite colour. Nor a favorite color.
    • I don't remember the correct spelling of my mother's maiden name, especially since she and her two brothers all have different spellings of it (McName versus MacName versus Macname).
    • Yeah, I remember my first car, make, model, and which of its seats my girlfriend (as she was then) and I had sex in. (That might count as Too Much Information.)
    • My father has two middle names.
    • I don't have regular spots that I go on vacation in in order to have a favourite one.
    • Favourite food? I guess I could say "steak", except when I want something that isn't steak.
    • Favourite song? Does anyone have one specific favourite song that remains the favourite for long enough to be useful.
    • Favourite movie? Hard to say, and not fixed in time in any event.
    • I never had a pet.
  • The incredible Holk (unregistered) in reply to LCrawford

    The alphabet is too limited for Braille. This one is for geeks who can talk binary.

  • Brian Boorman (google) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    Really? I started school 41 years ago - and I still remember the school as well as all of my teacher's names up through high school.

  • Sizik (github)

    I've seen oppai mouse pads before, but this is the first time I've seen an oppai keyboard.

  • RichP (unregistered)

    Ugh, I hate when I'm renting a car and all that's left in the lot is the Lorem Ipsum Dolor.

  • jerepp (unregistered)

    I knew a fellow who's answer to all security questions was 'F*ck You!' when asked to set them up he would simply pick the first three and answer them all the same. Then 3 years later when he needed to use them he always remembered the answer, because being asked inspired the correct answer :), unlike the rest of us caught trying to imagine what random top 20 song or movie was popular back then.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Brian Boorman

    The very first one? I was there for one year before we moved away, and it was the academic year of my fifth birthday. The next one I remember well, although the school itself was demolished 15-20 years ago.

  • MaxArt (unregistered)

    Yes, we Italians do use nice keyboards, why?

  • operagost (unregistered) in reply to OTemporaOMores

    I only had to wait until comment two for an unnecessary SJW comment.

    No, I'm not offended when women make comments about photos of men or their underwear.

  • operagost (unregistered) in reply to operagost

    Or gay men, for that matter.

  • Loren Pechtel (google)

    The first one is not a WTF, it's discouraging the use of insecure questions.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Loren Pechtel

    Yes it is: they missed to include that "DO NOT USE" to the other questions too, and/or forgot hundreds of not-to-be-used questions (there is no vertical scroll bar)

  • Sole Purpose of Visit (unregistered) in reply to MiserableOldGit

    Sadly, any fule can now get a decent wage as a copypasta Web "Developer." One reaps what one sows.

  • siciac (unregistered) in reply to OTemporaOMores

    However, Antoly, did it occur to you, that such an remark might be degrading and objectifying women?

    Normal male and female sexual desires do not degrade or objectify anyone. Quite the opposite, the notion of degradation is built on a purity myth that itself denies your status as a flawed human being who strives for betterment, that is, it denies your moral agency.

  • I dunno LOL ¯\(°_o)/¯ (unregistered) in reply to The incredible Holk

    Well then, it's certainly a two-bit keyboard!

    I was born in a city with a 3-letter name, and I don't think I've ever seen one of these stupid security question things that didn't require at least 4 letters. At least my favorite color isn't red. Also, I have a problem in that most of those questions don't apply to me for one reason or another and don't have an answer.

    "Favorite vacation spot"? At least "home" is four letters...

  • Casglwr (unregistered)

    I always make up answers to those sorts of questions, then scribble them down somewhere for when needed. Eg, "where were you born" = Proxima Centauri Six.

  • Kenneth Mitchell (google)

    "City born in" and "Mother's maiden name" are often available from genealogy web sites such as Ancestry.com. I agree; "Do not use!"

  • RobyMcAndrew (unregistered)

    If I used that keyboard, I'd feel a right tit !

  • Diane B (unregistered)

    Whether keyboard or lingerie, wireless is still the best option.

  • markm (unregistered) in reply to Kenneth Mitchell

    Yes, birth city and mother's maiden name are probably easy to research, but father's middle name is not deprecated and I'd think that would be found anyplace you could find the others. OTOH, where would you look up someone's first school (which is deprecated)? Or is this list perhaps for a country far less mobile than the USA? I can't remember the names of my first two schools at all. I do know what city they were in. I can guess the name of the third one (4th grade), because it was a village with only one school, so probably (name of village) Elementary. A temporary job brought me back there 30 years later; the school was gone, and I easily found the lot where we lived, but didn't recognize the house now sitting on it. I think I remember the name of the fourth one (5th and 6th grades). The first teacher whose name I can still remember taught 6th grade, but I think I remember her because she was the crazy one. Her first and last year teaching ended with her in an institution. I do sometimes wonder what would have happened with a more supportive principal, and a class that didn't include several near-geniuses, at least two of them hyperactive...

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