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    All of these types of training are useless HR bullshit anyway. I hate them with a passion.

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    I've had to do some of this type of training for various customers. It's not true to say that it's always useless or actively awful.

    I have recently been made to do a data security course which absolutely fine - almost entertaining - and may even have been informative to people who don't have a background in IT. I also recently did a "health and safety" course which was the usual bleedin' obvious stuff about health and safety but also included a long section about how to set up your work space correctly to avoid things like RSI etc. Following its advice has made a huge difference to my comfort when spending eight hours a day in front of a computer monitor.

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    A decade ago I worked for a travel company that forced us to take a class in IT security every year, the first rule was "never store passwords in a reversible manner" which we always laughed about since the company allowed customers to have their password emailed to them. Someone must have not taken the class...

  • Brian Boorman (unregistered)
    All of these types of training are useless HR bullshit anyway

    Where I work, there is training that is required and that you most certainly pay attention to. Anyone who deals with export controlled data and/or works in a SCIF knows what I mean.

  • Jeff Jefferson (unregistered)

    To be fair this is how I used to complete Bamboozle on Channel 4* teletext**. If you were quick you could see it taking you to the Wrong Answer page and press another button.

    • Ask somebody in the UK ** Ask an old person
  • ZZartin (unregistered)

    When there's no real penalty for failing as many times as you want with these kind of trainings and you usually get told the answers at the end there's little reason not to just brute force it.

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    I had a "contractor" account for access to a computer network at a customer site. I was not an employee or had a direct contract with the customer. They made me take this kind of "employee" training as a condition of keeping the account active so I was basically getting double.

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    Because of the work from home deal from Covid, someone in our IT group decided to use this site for Phishing attacks (and other scams like it that were not email based), and didn't tell the rest to expect the email, so the email came in, and most of the IT thought it was a phishing attack, and I'm certain whoever deals with the phishing reports suddenly had their inbox or whatever flooding with these training email links. The IT group was meant to the be the test pilot group before rolling it out to the rest of the campus.

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    While I worked for an investment bank I had to pass many pointless trainings. Like for example one in which I learned how much am I allowed to pay for a diner I invite a client to. In different countries. Hey, I'm a developer! I've never even seen a client. I worked at an offsite development center, I couldn't even have seen one on an elevator!

  • Emil (unregistered)

    Best memory regarding this is when a colleague of mine figured out how to circumvent the timer on each slide so you can skip them. All of our team learned the trick. Couple of week later, my manager pinged me on Slack and told me "Hey, [name] from legal wants to talk to you about the compliance training ". When I raised my eyebrow and asked why does someone from legal need me he answered: "Oh, she's new and she has to take the training, so she needs to know how to skip through the damn thing "

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