"I'm not sure if Barcelona Metro is asking for my ticket or a blood sacrifice," Paweł S. writes.


Scott M. wrote, "I know VBA is considered to be a venerable language, but ...old enough to run on the Commodore PET?


"I don't know about you, but I would LOVE to spend anywhere between negative two and three thousand dollars," writes Alex S.


"12.09€ for a mouse and a pair of Adidas trainers? What a deal! ...oh wait...could we lose the recipient? Nevermind, no worries here," Vivia N. wrote.


Pascal writes, "Today I learned that Google Translate will sometimes adjust email addresses."


Bruce T. writes, "I recieved a deluge of emails from a Car Hire insurance provider (6 in total in the space of 4 minutes) and, oddly enough, each email appears to have completely failed in the templating engine or mail merge job."


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