"I was filling out a survey for PayPal when this message popped up to let me know that I am at a testing stage," Ishai S. writes.


"Apparently CAPTCHAs now come in postmodern surrealist flavor," writes Ian S.


"So, let me get this straight," wrote Luke H., "I am allowed to install VMware ESXi Free on as many physical machines as I like, just as long as I don't install it on any physical machines."


Connor wrote, "Home Depot is good at installing new roofs...but not at installing genuine copies of Windows."


"The error was alright, but what was REALLY amusing was that one of the players tried to hit the close icon as if it was a tablet," writes Garry M.


"While trying to upgrade Ubuntu, the upgrader broke and rebooted to show me this," Nick wrote.


Helen B. wrote, "No wonder my internet has been a little slow, although surely if I did actually live somewhere off the coast of Africa, they could find an exchange a little nearer?"


"Thank goodness Lloyds TSB's site obfuscates their phone numbers," James writes.


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