Daniel writes, "Looking for world class talent? Sorry...you won't be finding it here."


"Got this error message this morning after a fresh start up. It's Mozilla's crash reporter, but the details are secret," writes Dan.


I was looking for support for a crappy piece of kit that we use - so I searched for their forums. I was met with this," writes Lewis.


"When engineers were trying to diagnose a rare BSOD, they discovered that the bug check had shuffled off this mortal coil," wrote Matthew.


"Apparently Chrome is amazed by the Java update I was about to install," wrote Ruud B.


Collin wrote, "Local news station during the weather. The weatherman did well though, he announced that there was an error and they and he laughed and smiled until they went to commercial."


"I ordered a phone from the Verizon store a little while ago and noticed this on the order confirmation page. I recognized it as my home IP address," Nick writes, "Clicking the link did what you might expect - opened a new tab with the IP address as its address."


"I was trying to set up a Rails app on a VM and wanted to install the Mongo adapter and I got the wrong Mongo?" a puzzled Jordan R. wrote.


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