"When a Brazilian teammate showed me a pet he was looking to adopt, I asked Google Translate for some help. It wasn't very helpful," Craig B. writes.


Drew W. wrote, "Yes, TrailLink, I definitely want to subscribe to your TEST_OD_PARTNER_INTEREST newsletter series. I bet it is very TEST_INTERESTING!"


"My supermarket has these handy-dandy scanners that speed up scanning and alert you to possible savings...or rather, lack thereof," Vaughn writes.


Drake C. writes, "Take my temperature with quantum aluminum? I'm in! Shame it's sold out though..."


"Booking an international flight through the Kayak.com site, I was pleased that the site took Discover," wrote David L., "Alas, now my confidence in the process is shaken. I suppose I should see if I can get a new passport in my new name before the flight."


"I'm seriously confused here... Feb 29th is day 366? And comes after March 1st but before March 2nd?!" wrote Thomas H.


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