In this week's episode we have some more adventures in shipping and misadventures with dates. I just asked "Hey Google, how many days are there in February THIS year" and they answered confidently "28 days." I briefly considered autoplaying that query on this page to see how many of your devices would answer correctly, but then I decided I should autoplay a command to order me a pizza and then I thought better of the whole thing.

Following up on an earlier submission, Dave P. reports "Much to my amazement, the package did arrive in time for Christmas, but just barely. USPS really came through on their end, taking less than 2 days to deliver the package, after the original delivery service took 12 days to find the USPS dropoff facility." Hah! Somebody owes me a nickel!



Peter S. on the other hand, had a less-stellar experience with the competition. "Not sure if I can trust UPS ever again. They didn't just lose my package, but also their homepage."



Supporter of the arts Chris remark'd "I know February 2024 is supposed to be longer than usual, but I expected just one extra day, not over 330..."



Old-timer Barry M. wistfully remembers this movie released in a year that never existed. "man, that's a real classic," he said softly. Wasn't that movie title actually "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle?" Two error'ds in one!



Finally, a new anonymous (that is to say, previous anonymous submissions were from different anonymice) sent us a lovely photo of a hill and a fully charged battery, exclaiming "I don't think I was supposed to see this class name. I wonder if I could inject something by escaping strings in my message!" Be careful, it might be a trap.



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