It was an extraordinarily busy week at Error'd HQ. The submission list had an all-time record influx, enough for a couple of special edition columns. Among the list was an unusual PEBKAC. We don't get many of these so it made me chuckle and that's really all it takes to get a submission into the mix.

Headliner Lucio Crusca perseverated "Here's what I found this morning, after late night working yesterday, sitting on my couch, with my Thinkpad on my lap. No, it was not my Debian who error'd. I'm afraid it was me."



Eagle-eyed Ken S. called out Wells Fargo: "I see it just fine." Ditto.



Logical Mark W. insists "If you press 'Cancel', you are not cancelling; instead, you are cancelling the cancellation. Can we cancel this please?"



Peter pondered "Should I try to immediately delete, or is it safer to immediately delete?"



No relation to Ken S., Legal Eagle lamented "Due to my poor LTAS scores and borderline illetteracy, it was very hard for me to get into user_SchoolName. There is so much reading!" Hang in there, L. Eagle. With a resume like yours, I'm sure there will be work for you in Florida after graduation. Only the best!



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