While we don't know the precise taxonomy of the fabled dilemma, this week's submissions include a few wild examples.

Jon has captured a classic sample of the anticancelling cancel, reporting "While bulk-deleting files from an S3 bucket, Amazon dangled a carrot in front of me only to cruelly whip it away at the last moment."



"To opt, or not to opt," muses Michael R, asking "Do I have to select both to be double sure?"



Flight risk Daniel M. is ambiguously relieved to know "My original flight got delayed, but at least I was able to be put on ?ResourceBundle:myBookings.table.status.DS? for an earlier one."



Meanwhile Mark mutters about these seemingly mundane mathematical errors "Hey Pluralsight, my goal is to have zero goals."



But perhaps they're not so mundane after all? Hugenkiss chortles "I can't wait to see the charge for $NaN show up on my credit card statement. If I have the credit card on autopay from my checking account, will my checking account also go NaN?" I certainly wouldn't be so eagerly anticipatory if it were my checking account!



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